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Divine Renovation Meeting Notes 4.9.2019

The whole principal of the chapter is how to engage people in the parish community.

The suggestions take a lot of time.

How are we going to convince people to move forward and go with the vision the author is suggesting? An example would be the suggestion to have people go through Alpha…His suggestions are very intense and require a lot of resources and training.

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Divine Renovation Courageous Conversations: Chapter 3 House of Pain

It is a whole plethora of feelings.  I was out of town, and when I came back I found out about this. Every time I think this is over something else comes up.  I am not angry with the priests.  I am angry with the hierarchy.  I understand they did not know how to deal with this, decades ago, but the Church seems more concerned with their reputation than protecting the children.

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Christifideles Laici (Part 2)

Last week in my article I had written about the 1988 document Christifideles Laici. This was an exhortation written by Pope John Paul II. It was his follow-up to the 1987 synod of bishops. That synod took place during the whole month of October, and it gathered lay people from around the world to discuss with the bishops the role of lay leadership in the Church. That synod followed the lead of Vatican II, which had occurred 20 years earlier, in encouraging the need for active lay participation. It encouraged people to understand and appreciate their dignity and call to be missionaries for Christ…

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