Sunday Sharing 5.12.19

Louie Karagiannes, Technology Director

Louie Karagiannes,
Technology Director

Xristos Anesti (Christ has Risen)!

Today is Mother’s Day, the day which we celebrate and commemorate the blessed sacrifice of all the mothers of the world and their devotion towards the upbringing of the next generation. There are many people today that look at the Christian faith as being one of sexism and bias towards male superiority, mainly because of the

12 apostles being men, the Pope being a man, priests being men, and even some of the writings in the New Testament. I would encourage all of you however to think truly through the writings, teachings, and history of the Church. If you do, you will see that this is not the case!

It is the Blessed Virgin Mary who was considered the greatest of us all, having been so pure and so magnificent that she was called upon not only to give birth, but also raise and devote her life to the Son of God. She is there at His birth, as well as, His death and resurrection. She stands as a symbol of purity and perfection for the remainder of her life in devotion to the creation and foundation of the Church.

It is Mary Magdalene who washes the feet of Christ in preparation for His death. She stands before the cross at the crucifixion of Our Lord, while all the apostles are scared and fear for their lives. Mary stands before the Romans, fearless and in support of Christ. Mary also is the first to see Christ resurrected and is present at the discovery of the empty tomb. There are countless stories of women in the church as martyrs, saints, and role models for all of us to follow.


Mothers and women in general have greater legacies than some of the historical figures in the Church. Remember, the Church would be nothing without the mothers who give birth to the next generation, take their children to church, teach them what it means to be Christian, and symbolize the undying love and support that the Virgin Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene showed Christ. Mothers care for us when we are ill, pray for us when we are troubled, bring us to school, feed us, nurture us, protect us, and love us till the end. The love of a mother is unmatched by any other and is one of the great mysteries of human selflessness. Motherhood is proof of the human spirit and the presence of God in us all. It is the hope, faith, and love which is inscribed on us at birth. It is the devotion to the church and family which we carry throughout our life, and it is the remembrance of fearlessness and support that we fight to attain when it comes time to carry our cross.

For all the mothers of the world, we pray: Lord, hear our prayer! Christ has Risen!