The Liturgical Writing Ministry Needs You


If you are looking for a personal and prayer-filled way to be involved in our liturgies here at St. Ben’s and in a way that involves only a small time commitment, the Liturgical Writing Ministry may be just the right opportunity for you.

As part of every liturgy, after the homily is given, our church community prays for the special needs of our world, our church and our community. These prayers are called petitions or Prayers of the Faithful and each prayer that is presented and prayed is written by parishioners of St. Ben’s who are part of a ministry called the Liturgical Writing Ministry. This is one way in which the liturgy is an expression of our parish community.

Being involved in this ministry requires each minister to write prayers once every 6-8 weeks throughout the year after prayerfully reflecting on the scripture readings and our world, church and community needs. There are no meetings, there is no requirement to read in front of church at mass and no experience or special knowledge is required. This is a “behind the scenes” way to be involved and a way to take time personally to reflect on the scriptures, pray and express yourself through written prayers.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, you are welcome and invited. For questions, or to participate, please call Cathy Norris at 773-805-5220 or email her at

Jeremy Kiolbassa