Family Centered Mass


Every Sunday at 10:30am

10:30am Mass is our weekly Family-Centered Mass every week.. Families, of course, are welcome at all of our weekend liturgies, but this Mass will have some special features:

  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) will be consistently offered at the 10:30am Mass each week, giving parents and kids time to reflect upon the Word of God separately if they so choose.

  • Special music will be used at this Mass that will tie in with our weekly school Masses.

  • Special prayers and intentions for families will be included in the petitions.

  • Children will be asked to take on special roles such as bringing forward the gifts, as well as gathering around the altar for the Eucharistic prayer.


Every third Sunday at 10:30am, we will take our family-centered Mass a step further with the celebration of a “Children’s Mass” in the church. This Mass will be similar in format to the special children’s Masses that we celebrated in the gym on Easter Sunday. All children will stay in the church with their families for the entire celebration. We will have many special moments during this Mass for the children to participate from prayers to readings to singing in the new family choir. The homily will be specially geared towards children, and the readings will be taken from the children’s lectionary. There will be a reception following this Mass, sponsored by our Hospitality Ministry. We will no longer assign grade levels to participate in these Masses or to host a reception. This Mass will also coincide with “Welcoming Sunday” where we recognize and greet new parishioners. We will be working in collaboration with our school and religious education staff to meet the needs  of young children and help them to grow closer to God at Mass.