Sign Up for Ministry Scheduler Pro


Beginning this January, all of our liturgical ministries will begin using a new scheduling software called Ministry Scheduler Pro. These include lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, cantors, altar servers, ushers, and liturgical writers. We hope that by switching to one platform, we can streamline the process of scheduling our ministries and better serve our parishioners.

Here are some of the features of MSP:

  • Schedules are populated automatically based on availability and preference on ministers.

  • Automatic email and text reminders sent to all ministers.

  • Automated substitute requests can be sent instantly to all other members of a ministry.

  • Families/groups can be scheduled together.

The first step in making the transition to this new platform is to enroll all of our active ministers. The online registration process is quick and easy. Simply follow the link below to get started.

Please keep in mind the following things when you register:

  • Each person must register individually by name.

  • You can select multiple ministries when you register.

  • For parents registering youth: you may use the same email address for all registrants. Please fill out the form for each member of the family using a parent’s email address.

  • Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email with a username and password. You can use this to edit your preferences and availability at any time.