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Welcome to the Music Ministry Website! We are glad you are here. Please bookmark this page to stay up to date with everything that is going on in our parish music ministry.

Music, like all things, is a gift from God. The music ministry of St. Benedict is guided by this premise. We strive strive to use our talents to help our community to pray, and to build upon our gifts and strive for excellence in all that we do. Our lives, as Catholics, center around the Eucharist, and so must our ministry through music. We hope that you consider joining us or supporting our ministry.

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Living the Beatitudes Through Music

Published on 1.29.17 by Jeremy Kiolbassa

Today’s Gospel is one of the most iconic instances of Jesus’s message of salvation to his followers, the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus teaches the gathered crowds that salvation doesn’t come from vanity or selfish pursuits, but from humility and even suffering. He points out many groups: the mourners, meek, hungry, peacemakers, persecuted… all groups to which society is often unkind… and calls each one of them blessed. Further, he tells them “Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.” In today’s society it is challenging to embrace the attitudes and qualities listed in today’s Gospel. We must constantly ask ourselves “do my words and actions really further God’s kingdom?” If we use the examples in today’s Gospel, the beatitudes, we can certainly come closer.

For musicians, it can be challenging to live by the beatitudes. Some might even argue that being too meek and humble can be a detriment to a good performer. I must admit have struggled with exactly how to approach this. As musicians, our training tells us that we must command the stage, and most of us thrive on the attention and applause that comes with performing. We refine our skills in order to attain these acclamations, and theoretically the better we get the more we are recognized and lauded. How then can we live humble lives when the very nature of what we do seemingly demands the opposite? I think the answer lies establishing intent, spirituality, and separating humility from skill. As Christians we are called to live our lives according to the Gospel and to dedicate everything we do to God. As a musician, if I keep this at the forefront of my mind, even if my craft demands a certain amount of confidence, I can be humble in knowing that music, like all things, is only possible through God. I can be a humble and still work to perfect my skills so long as God is present in all that I do. I’m sure you may face some of the same challenges in your own lives. Whether it be in home life or career, it might seem a bit counterintuitive to live poor and humble lives as the Gospel demands. But, if we keep God at the center of our minds and intent, we can be both successful and humble in all that we do.

It is our goal as music ministers to humbly serve God and to enhance the liturgy from week to week. We have been especially blest this year with tremendous growth in our adult choir. Over the course of a few months the choir has almost tripled in size. If we continue to grow we might run out of seats, which is one of the best problems imaginable. We are blessed with what are in my opinion some of the best cantors in the city, all volunteers, that lead us in sung prayer at Mass. We are blessed with so many young musicians in our youth choirs, school band and orchestra that make both our school and weekend liturgies so vibrant each week. We are blessed with an energetic Sunday evening ensemble, lead by my associate Matt Herek. Each one of these groups is unique and important to our overall vision for our music ministry. As you reflect on the ways we continue to include God your life, consider making music part of your prayer and spirituality. This might mean becoming a member of one of our ensembles, or simply picking up a hymnal and singing at Mass. As today’s communion song tells us: “Rejoice and be glad! Yours is the kingdom of God!”

A concert selfie with the choir and orchestra ! 

A concert selfie with the choir and orchestra ! 

Christmas Concert a Huge Success!

Published on 12.12.16 by Jeremy Kiolbassa

December 9th was our fourth annual Christmas Concert Gala! It was so amazing and wonderful to see it all come together! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the dedicated volunteers, staff, and professionals that made this event possible. Especially our wonderful soloists: Sondra Zaharias, Sarah Ma, Joan Marie Dauber, Dan Mackey, Greg Zawada and amazing directors: Luis Galvez, Samantha Elliott, Richard Corrigan, Chris Ramaekers, and Hannah Stapelton, you are all rock stars! Of course our AMAZING St. Ben's choirs, IHM Choir, Thornton Fractional South High School Advanced Chorus, and the Ravenswood Community Orchestra! I was so proud to see all of your hard work manifested in an unforgettable performance. To our wonderful volunteers: Rosemary Meagher,  Ursula Bieski, Érico Ramírez, and our associate director Matthew Herek, you were so important in making sure the night was perfect. Thanks to Maggie Rizzio, our unforgettable Emcee, and to Rachel Gemo and Rachel Waldron, our heads of school for being our 'camera crew'. Also, our pastor, Fr. Jason, for his tremendous support of this event and our music ministry as a whole Thanks to LYRIQ Music School for sponsoring our reception bar! Last, to all those who attended, thank you. Your presence made the evening magical and the energy in the room electric! There is nothing like playing to a packed house. We hope to see you all next year! For those that missed it, click here to see a video of the live stream from Friday! BRAVISSIMO EVERYONE!

If you were unable to attend our concert, or if you feel compelled to make an additional gift, please consider doing so. It is only through the profound generosity of volunteers and parishioners that we are able to continue the legacy of great music at St. Benedict Parish. Your donation helps ensure that we will keep making music together for years to come. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

-Jeremy Kiolbassa

We Are Many Parts, All One Music Ministry

Published on 8.3.16 by Jeremy Kiolbassa

It’s hard to believe it is August already, and if you’re like me, you might be asking yourself “Where has the summer gone?!” For our parish music ministry, summer is a seemingly quiet time. Most of our choirs don’t’ meet, and without school or RE in session, this big campus can seem like a ghost town during the week. For those of us that work here, it is a time for planning, organizing, and a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of our active and vibrant parish & school. It is also a time to reflect on the successes of the previous year, as well as to envision what we might accomplish together in the coming months. In our music ministry, we enjoyed a great year, and it is my hope that we can build on the foundations we have laid and continue to pray and sing well together.

 Last year we added two brand new teen ensembles to our ranks. Bass Winds & Fire, our teen instrumental ensemble came first, followed shortly by our teen vocal group, The Tone Rangers. As their playful names might suggest, both groups are made up of joyful young people in grades 6-12. Both groups helped us to pray and sing at our Sunday morning Masses and are currently at our 6:30pm evening Mass for the summer. We have a solid core group, but we could still use some additional voices and instruments in both ensembles.

 Our Adult Choir, though not new, also had great success this year. With the help of our associate director, Jonathan Metzinger, they helped our 9am Mass to pray and sing almost every week. In addition, they helped us pray through Christmas and Holy Week, not to mention two large concerts! In addition to their passion for music, our choir is a fun, friendly, and diverse group of folks. Their first role of course is to help us pray and make music, but I’d dare to say a second is cracking jokes and having a good time. Did you know that for their end of year party they did a roast of our directors?! I know it might seem intimidating to join choir, but I guarantee that after the first rehearsal you’ll be hooked. Now that Jonathan has moved on to his new role as music director at St. Francis Xavier in Wilmette, I will be directing the adult choir once again. I am so looking forward to the great music that we will make in the upcoming season, and all of the fun we’ll have together along the way.

 It was actually two years ago that we were blessed with the donation of a brand new concert grand piano. This beautiful instrument has helped make our liturgies beautiful and our song prayerful. It has also allowed our concert series to reach a new level, both in quality and scale. On September 18th at 3pm, we will hold our third annual fall piano recital. This year we will augment the performance with additional instruments to showcase our beautiful sacred space and acoustics. There is no charge for this event, but donations will be accepted. There is a complimentary reception directly following the performance. If you have never attended one of our concerts, or have not attended in some years, I highly recommend it! Look for more details in the bulletin in coming weeks.

 I also want to highlight a new monthly prayer opportunity, Taize Prayer. If you have no idea what this is, don’t worry, I didn’t either until a few years ago! This form of prayer comes from Taize, a town in France, and was started shortly after World War II. Amidst the turmoil, a small group of Christians came together and prayed using simple, repeated melodies, and silent reflection to hear the voice of God. Today, our Taize prayer is just that, a combination of quiet reflective music, silence, and scripture. All of this takes place in a darkened church by candlelight, and icons are placed around the church to create an atmosphere that is calm and contemplative. You can choose to sing along with the simple, repeated songs, or just sit and pray silently or meditate. It truly is a great way to end a hectic week. Taize takes place every first Friday at 7:30pm in church.

 Last, I just want to thank you for your generous support of our music ministry. Since I joined the St. Benedict staff in 2013, we have accomplished so much together. With music and fine arts programs being cut around the country, it is so inspiring to have such a supportive community and to work with such a talented group of volunteers every day. I want a leave you with a request. I ask that you consider becoming part of our music ministry in some small way. That can mean any number of things, from joining one of our choirs, to attending a concert, to making a donation, to even something as simple as picking up your hymnal at Mass and singing, even if you don’t have a great voice. Music, as part of worship, is a community effort, and it only works if there is strong support from the community. Let’s work together this year and see what we can accomplish!