Spiritual Life Ministries

The St. Benedict Spiritual Life Commission seeks to bring parishioners into a deeper, more personal relationship with God with an enriched understanding of our faith through prayer, liturgy, song, and study. The organizations and ministries that fall under the purview of the Spiritual Life Commission provide parishioners with opportunities and resources for prayer and reflection. These opportunities for prayer and reflection can include individual experiences, such as spiritual direction, or group experiences, such as the Senior Ministry, Small Faith Sharing Groups, retreat opportunities, the Parish Mission, and the Spiritual Dream Group. Some group experiences of prayer and reflection are rooted in cultural traditions, such as Simbang Gabi, the St. Joseph’s Table, and the Holy Thursday Potluck and Seder Meal. All organizations and ministries, and all opportunities for prayer, study, and reflection are rooted in our parish’s community prayer at Sunday Mass when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, which we believe is the source and summit of our lives as Roman Catholics.