Parish Life

Parish Life is the collection of ministries that allow us to celebrate our Catholic Christian faith here at St. Benedict.  This collection of ministries, from Boy Scouts to BenFest, allow us to not only play together, but also pray together. 

For more information about our Parish life ministries, please feel free to contact Fr. Robert Pajor at


Ball and Auction


Organize and staff celebration in July of parish’s patron saint

Ben's Buds


Organize and staff activity for benefit of school scholarships

Boy Scouts

Guide and assist young people in scouting experiences 

Cub Scouts

Guide and assist young people in scouting experiences

Facility Committee 

Girl Scouts Daisys 

Girl Scouts Brownies 

Girl Scouts Cadet

Guide and assist young people in scouting experiences

Holy Name Society

Organize and staff events (Lunch with Santa, “Donut” Day, St. Joseph Table)


Coordinate refreshments and decorations for select events

Knights of Columbus
Whether it’s through the support of local athletic programs, sponsoring of special events, or even planning and hosting parish activities, we hope to serve as valuable role models for other Catholic men, as well as mentors for all our children. And, hopefully, as a source of inspiration for future generations of Knights. For more information visit:

Ladies Society

Organize and staff events


Organize and staff annual festival

Welcoming Committee

Plan and host welcome events for new parishioners

Women’s Book Club

Meets monthly for in-depth discussion of selected books

Young Adult Ministry