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Stewards of Our Time, Talent and Treasure

Stewardship Reflection

Although Easter Sunday was a week ago, Easter is far from over. The Easter season continues until Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost comes at the end of our Easter season, and we often call it the “Birthday of the Church.” 
     There is much on which we might concentrate in this reading offering us a glance of the early Christians, but note in particular two things: their sense of joy and satisfaction along with the fact that their numbers kept growing. Both of these facts are demonstrated in our First Reading today: “They ate their meals with exultation and sincerity of heart, praising God and enjoying favor with all the people. And every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.”
     This is in effect a reflection of stewardship. Stewardship is a jubilant, God-centered, way of positive living. That is what the most effective evangelization is. People want to be a part of that, and they wish to experience that. If our parish community can capture
that and maintain it, we, too, will grow both spiritually and in numbers.
     The evangelical church is quite fond of using the term “born again” as if it is something that occurs once. As Catholics we are “born again” every day and especially when we receive the Eucharist. It is because of this hope that we practice stewardship, and because of this hope that our outlook should be bright, regardless what circumstances we may find or may face in our lives.
     The Gospel Reading from St. John is what gives us that phrase “Doubting Thomas,” as St. Thomas the Apostle does not experience the real visit from the Lord, and expresses what seems to be a doubt. However, the real focus should be on that same sense of happiness found in the first two readings. “The disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.” 
     In spite of what is viewed as an expression of doubt. St. Thomas who is present when the Lord visits again proclaims “My Lord and my God,” and Jesus answers “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” That refers to us. We are blessed with these holy accounts of those who witnessed and proclaimed and found the happiness that comes from believing. We must take this truth, embrace it, and live it out in our lives by sharing it. That, too, is Easter.



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Thank you to all of our donors for their remarkable generosity to the parish. This new report, which will updated each week, is in an effort to effectively and openly communicate to you all of the activity that takes place with our ordinary and extraordinary appeals. We strive to be good stewards of the gifts that have been entrusted to us. It is our hope that this ongoing report will show to you the accomplishments made because of your generosity to the parish. Your past, present and future generosity to the parish is deeply appreciated.


Dear Family of Faith, 

Since the two ‘in pew’ commitment weekends that we hosted for our Capital Campaign, pledges have still been coming into the rectory!  Thank you!  That puts us at $4,604,683 pledged toward our Capital Campaign total need of $6.2 Million dollars.  This is so unbelievably generous and will make a huge impact on our future.  Thank you for your generous support of the Campaign!  And thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard on the campaign to make us such a huge success.  I am so grateful for your generous spirit that has drawn us together tightly as a parish community.  Everyone pitched in to make this campaign a success; old, young, long time parishioners, new parishioners, single parishioners, families, families with kids in our School, families with kids in our Religious Education, large amounts, small amounts, everyone pitched in!  Thank you!! 
    As successful as we have been, this pledged amount includes only 15% of our registered parishioners to date.  For sure a good number of parishioners have been through one, two, three, or four previous Capital Campaigns and might feel a little ‘campaigned out’.  This is certainly understandable.  But what about the hundreds of households who have never contributed to an extraordinary Capital Campaign like this?  Won’t you please consider a gift to this Campaign that secures our future so boldly?  Pledge cards are located at the St. Benedict Shrine near the Campaign banner.   Your gift will go a long way to make us secure for the future.  Please pray about your gift!  
    May God continue to bless you and those you love.  Please pray for me as I pray for you daily.  God bless, Fr. Jason

St. Benedict 2015-2016 Stewardship: Offering our Time, Talent and Treasure to our Parish and to God who has blessed us abundantly!

Our first hour of our time goes to God every Sunday in the Mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Please CLICK HERE to download the Ministry Volunteer Form and let us know what ministries to which you are interested in offering your time. Thank you!

Online Giving to St. Benedict Parish

Have you signed up for online giving to the parish through GiveCentral? If you have, I thank you. If you haven't, then I encourage you to do so today. There are numerous benefits to signing up with this easy-to-use and secure portal:

1) You will no longer need to worry if you forget your envelope, and you will no longer need to write checks to the parish;
2)  When away from the parish, you will still be actively engaged in the life of the parish by being a good steward of  your financial resources and assisting us through your regular contributions;
3) You have the ability to have contributions withdrawn directly from your checking account or charges made to  your credit card. You direct the payments and the timing of your contributions, all from the convenience of your             home or your mobile device;
4) You can control recurring donations to the parish, the preparatory schools, archdiocesan second collections, parish  functions, etc.

The best thing about online giving is that your regular contributions to the parish help us to remain financially solvent and allows us to continuously expand our parish ministries to our community.

Thank you to all of our parishioners for their generosity, no matter what method you use to contribute. Every dollar we receive is gratefully accepted and used for the greater good of our community of faith. We strive to be the best stewards of the gifts that have been entrusted to us.

Should you need any assistance, please contact me at or at (773) 588-6484 x203.

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