Simbang Gabi

PhilipinoNovena in Preparation for Christmas

On Sunday December 21th at the 6:30 P.M Mass, the Philipino Community will celebrate the Feast Simbang Gabi. Simbang Gabi (“Masses of the Night”) is a novena of Marian Votive Masses that are celebrated on nine days immediately preceding the Liturgy of the Nativity on December 25. The Masses are said in place of Masses for the ferial days and the Sunday within the nine days. The vestments are white, not purple, and the Gloria is sung. This Philippine Christmas tradition has roots similar to the Posadas of Mexico, when both countries were colonies of Spain. This is a multicultural celebration that is shared with the whole archdiocesan community. Please join us to celebrate this Special Mass. There will be great food and Music.