Fr. Jason Malave, Pastor

Fr. Jason Malave, Pastor

Pastor's Notes

Feasibility Study Background Information

Dear Family of Faith, 

    Thank you for taking time last week to complete the in-pew survey, the electronic survey or the personal interview!  Your feedback is essential as we push forward dreaming and planning for our future here at St. Ben's.  Especially for those who took the in-pew survey, many of you reminded me that you didn't know much about the "Master Plan" results and didn't feel completely ready to answer the questions about the proposed projects.  I know that it is post facto, however, it is never too late to tool yourself with the dreams of the Master Plan.  Please take a look at the results of the Master Plan and the ensuing seven projects.  Obviously, we will not be able to achieve the entire plan in two years.  Rather this is a visioning and planning process that will guide decisions over the course of the next twenty to thirty years.  This is a long term dream! 

    Just to recap how we got here, let me remind us that two years ago, we engaged the process that the Archdiocese of Chicago asked all parishes to accomplish, called Parish Transformation.  Over forty parishioners helped to focus our ministry by prioritizing areas in need of growth.  Through surveys, conversations and a dozen meetings, the parish and the steering group came up with some great areas of focus and growth for the future.  They are still on our Website if you would like to remind yourself.  One of the goals was facility enhancement and studying how we could improve our facilities for the future.  This goal lead us to hire BLDD, and architectural firm that did a comprehensive study of our entire campus.  Based on their study, and based on our need to grow, we came up with a "Master Plan" that will guide our facility enhancements for the future.  A summary of the results are contained in these pages.  Again, this is a long term goal, and not something that will be done in one year!  Thanks for your patience in all of this!  

    Once the "Master Plan" was completed, we hired a fund-raising consultant firm called CCS that began, and is now ending, a feasibility study to look at the dreams of the "Master Plan" focusing on what is feasible to raise and accomplish in the first wave of facility enhancements.  Once we receive their findings, we will embark upon a significant capital campaign to achieve some significant improvements.  Thank you for your feedback as it is essential to embark upon a realistic campaign for our Parish and all her ministries.  Our Capital Campaign, what ever it happens to be called, will include a gift of $389,290 to the Archdiocese of Chicago, to fulfill our gift to Cardinal George's and now Archbishop Cupich's, "To Teach Who Christ Is" campaign.  100% of the funds raised after this amount, will be used exclusively for the benefit of campus transformation and facility enhancement here at St. Benedict.  Remembering that we are a dynamic and excellent part of the larger Archdiocese, as well as a part of the National and Universal Church, we make sure that we take care of our needs as well as the essential needs of the Archdiocese.  We are called to be good stewards.  Visit the Archdiocese of Chicago website to learn more about the important priorities of the "To Teach Who Christ Is" campaign.  


    In advance, thank you for your participation and patience as we moved through these strategic processes.  The hard work that we are doing now, will provide for continued strength for the future, building upon the gifts of the women and men who build St. Benedict in the first place!  Again, Thank you for your participation and feedback throughout all three processes:  Parish Transformation, Our Campus "Master Plan", and now our feasibility study and Capital Campaign.  I admire your patience and your wisdom as we plan forward.  

    Please continue to pray for me and all the great staff members and parishioners who have had leadership positions in these strategic plans, and please be assured of my prayers for you and our prayers for you and your family.  It is only in these dynamic planning can we be good stewards of the gifts that we have and the gifts that are to come!  

In the service of Christ,  

Fr. Jason