All-Parish Commission Meeting 9.11.18

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What are "Commissions"?

Our parish is made up of many ministries, and each of these ministries belongs to one of five Commissions: Spiritual Life, Parish Life, Education, Catechesis, and Human Concerns. Each one of these groups has a leadership committee that oversees it with representatives from all the ministries in that commission. All of the commissions are overseen by the Parish Pastoral Council. In the past, each commission met separately on a different night of the month.

What is different this year? 

This year, we have decided to have all of our commissions meet on the same night of the month, every second Tuesday. We feel that there will be many benefits to having the entire leadership body of the parish in one place. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Formation for all leaders
  • Centralized sharing of information  
  • Collaboration and networking between commissions and ministries

Each meeting will start with a general assembly at which we will discuss upcoming events that are relevant to all present, as well as take time for prayer and formation. After the general meeting, each commission will meet with their smaller group. 

Can I attend even if I am not a ministry leader?

Yes. We are always looking for insight from parishioners at large, even if you do not presently serve in a leadership role. Your feedback is always welcome! 

Our first All-Commission Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th at 7pm in Beaven Hall.