Knights of Columbus: Will You Join Us?

     Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have in life.  The amount of leisure and free time for the average person has decreased in recent years.  Many outside influences are vying for the precious time that we have.  
     If you believe in the importance of investing your time in friendship, the Church, and helping others, the Knights of Columbus is for you.  The Knights of Columbus is an organization of Catholic men and their families that derive a great sense of satisfaction from being able to develop lasting friendships with each other while helping the
less fortunate.
     Every day the Knights of Columbus provides its members with the opportunity to discover the importance of charity, unit, fraternity, and patriotism to our country and the world.
     I urge all men in this parish to join the Knights of Columbus and discover the opportunities available in the Knights. Representatives from the St Benedict Council will be available after Mass today to answer questions and accept applications for membership.  On May 1st at 8pm in the Beaven Hall, we will conduct an information session and initiation ceremony for all men who wish to join our Council.  
     We welcome your interest and invite your participation.