Parish Council

The Parish Council is the coordinating body of our St. Benedict Parish.  Typically around twelve people, the parishioners who have discerned and committed to a three year term, not only learn about and offer feedback around the direction of the parish community, they also serve as liaisons to the five Commissions of the Parish.    

Chair of our Council -  Michelle Stevens

Vice Chair of Council-  Karen Cholipski

Secretary of Council-  Joy Walton 

Liaison to Adult & Child Catechesis Commission-  Irene Ireland, John Schuberth, 

Liaison to Education Commission   -   Mark Kromkowski, Molly Klucznik

Liaison to Human Concerns Commission-  Mary Kurczak, Barbara Wolke

Liaison to Parish Life Commission - Jen Russell, Michelle Stevens

Liaison Spiritual Life Commission -  Glorietta Gaston,  Joy Walton

Liaison to Parish Transformation efforts - Amy Stern

Liaison to Finance Council - Karen Cholipski,Todd McGovern