In Memoriam

Nicholas Hardgrove

April 19, 1967 -  November 13, 2014

Please keep the Hargrove family in your prayers.  The Hargrove family have been parishioners at St. Benedict for over 15 years and participating in Religious Education for that time.  Please pray for them. 

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.  

Fr. Jason.  

From the Hamlin Park Baseball Association:

The Hamlin Park Baseball Association is known throughout the city of Chicago for the passion of its families and the commitment and caliber of its coaches.  It is with great sorrow that I am to inform you of the loss to our HPBA family of an individual who exemplified those characteristics so well. Nick Hardgrove was the number one fan of his children, HPBA players Ryan and Lauren, and a very special coach within the HPBA program.  Nick lost his long battle with cancer on Thursday evening.  

Many of you knew Nick as a passionate, fun-loving and energetic coach who spent many years in HPBA coaching alongside people like Joe Taiber and Bob Kelly.  What few people knew was, through all the competitive match-ups on the field, Nick was waging a far greater battle for his own health.  Despite those challenges, Nick continued to be a teacher, cheerleader and comedian on the field - much to the delight of his players and fellow coaches.  Nick was a coach who was dedicated to the understanding that what we do at Hamlin Park Baseball is play a game and, while there may be life lessons to be learned there every once in a while, what we do at HPBA is, first and foremost, about having fun. 

Nick's commitment, dedication and love of the game inspired HPBA to create a coach award which will be presented annually, in his name, to future coaches who demonstrate the unique and exemplary traits which Nick epitomized. Today, however, is a day for quiet reflection on the ideas of being passionate about a game, passing along a tradition, enjoying the fun of playing a game in the sun on a summer afternoon, the sheer joy of watching your kids be active and happy and smiling with friends, and being a great dad - for Nick Hardgrove loved, lived and fought, for so long, for all of those things.

Please take a moment today to think about and, perhaps, say a prayer for the Hardgrove family.