Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministry

The Eucharistic Ministers at St. Benedict's are a very engaged, committed group that welcome the opportunity to participate in the Mass by serving Eucharistic to fellow parishioners. There are ~ 100 Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) and we are always in need of more individuals that want to solidify their faith by playing this important role within the variety of ministries at St. Benedict's.  We typically will offer a one-hour training session for interested parishioners 3-4 times a year.  During the training, you'll learn the importance of the role and the mechanics of performing this service.  The expectation is that EMs will typically serve two times a month at their time of their favorite Mass.  Youth ministers over 18 years of age are able to participate. We welcome questions from anyone seeking more information.  Please email Karen Tabbert at karenanntabbert@gmail.com.