Catholic Extension Society


Since 1905, Catholic Extension has contributed more than $500 million to the 91 poor mission dioceses across the United States—dioceses where the faith is thriving but the resources are scarce. Today we continue the mission started by Father Kelley—though the ways we serve have multiplied to meet the changing needs of the Church.

Today, Catholic Extension’s support reaches over 11 million Catholics in poor mission dioceses across the U.S.

Under the leadership of Catholic Extension President Father Jack Wall, we're providing funding to strengthen and support poor mission dioceses in the United States so they can become self sustaining. We're helping faith communities meet their challenges by investing in their people, infrastructure and ministries. We've also developed a new way to maximize donor dollars through our Strategic Initiatives in 2011. These initiatives and partnerships with our donors, leading Catholic organizations and the mission dioceses themselves, are designed to further help these dioceses meet the unique needs of their faith communities. They allow us to multiply the impact of our donor's gifts while providing the opportunity for dioceses to access top-level programs that would otherwise be outside their financial capacity.

In the coming years, Catholic Extension will continue to be guided by the stories of the 11 million faith-filled Catholics in our country's poor mission dioceses. And with the generous gifts from our donors, we'll help these Catholics unleash a rich faith that transforms hearts, lives and entire societies.

Partner with us and help us write the next chapter of Catholic Extensions history. Walk with us on a mission to build faith, inspire hope and ignite change throughout our great land.

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