Staff Member:

Mary Sue Wielgus          773-539-0066 ext 339


Parish Council Member:

Mary Kurczak                312-391-6354               

Michelle Stevens          c-773-539-4341/773-485-4341


Ministry Name:                   Name                    Number               Email Address

Religious Education                    Mary Sue Wielgus773-539-0066 ext

Adult Education                          Mary Sue Wielgus773-539-0066 ext

Baptismal Preperation                 Michael O'Malley773-539-0066 ext

Marriage Preperation                  Stephanie & Gilbert

Childrens Liturgy of the Word     Mary Sue Wielgus773-539-0066 ext


RCIA Team                                  Bill & Mary Jo



Spred - Lead CatechistStephenie Dragovich773-267-7184

Spred - Parish Chair PersonPat